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Craft. Connect. Captivate.

PRODUCE. Craft a show with excellence. PERFORM. Create a show people will love. PROMOTE. Learn to fill every seat.

Have you always wanted to create your own parlor show?
That was me five years ago. I had been touring with my show for twenty years around the world, and I thought, why don’t I host my show in my town?

So, through trial and error, that’s just what I did, and at just the right time. When COVID shut down my tour schedule, I continued creating and performing—my parlor show in my backyard.

And now you can learn exactly how to produce, perform & promote your own parlor show.


Presenting The Parlor Show Project!

Scott Humston, Performance, entertainment,logo, classic

The Parlor Show Project is an in-person, two-day professional training event.

I have had thirty years of experience producing, performing, and presenting shows from riverboats to baseball stadiums and even shows for The White House. I brought that knowledge into creating a parlor show that now consistently sells out. And I am looking to share that knowledge with a few select performers.

We’ve just finished

the first Parlor Show Project

Applause For Scott's Parlor Show from Some Maestros


Each routine is engaging.
emotionally resonant, and delivered with humility and kindness. I loved it. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Steve Bedwell -

I laughed and was fooled
by one of the most
entertaining magicians
in the business."

Bob Swadling -

Scott is a real magician. Treat
you and your friends to a great
evening. See pure magic in a
venue that is as intimate as it
is amazing!"

-Giovanni Livera-

A Peek Behind the Curtains...

We’re still working out all the details—but the weekend will be September of 2024 and here in Mount Dora, Florida.

(It is just 45 minutes north of the Orlando airport and Disney World.)
The two-day event will be priced to reflect the value.

It will not be live-streamed.

The material will be shared with only the live participants.

Premier Experience
Not your regular workshop; anticipate in-person, top-notch sessions.

Holistic Learning
From producing to promoting, gain mastery over all facets of a ticketed parlor show.

Focused Coaching
Bid adieu to crowded classes; intimate group of only five for personalized teaching.

Broadened Horizons
Catering to both seasoned performers and the part-time pros eager to escalate their game.

Competition-Free Zone
Assured unique learning; no participants accepted from within 50 miles of your market.

Network & Nurture
Connect, collaborate, and construct ideas with peers sharing your passion. From scripting and choreography to audience engagement and stage presence, I’ll give you the tools to create a potent parlor performance.

I am looking for five motivated individuals...
...who’d like to join me in my beautiful little town, just north of Orlando, Mount Dora, Florida, for two full days of incredible learning in a creative environment.

We’ll dive deep into the art of creating a captivating performance, covering everything from promotion and production to presentation.

This doesn’t commit you to anything—however, this will allow me to share the details with you and allow you to apply once the event is open for application.

Promo Videos Scott's Mind, Myth & Magic Show

What Applause Looks Like

A quick look into my parlor show, Mind, Myth & Magic in Mount Dora, Florida.

An evening of Wonder,
like no other!

Expert sleight-of-hand meets engaging sleigh-of-mouth! An evening of fun! Join me every month in Mount Dora, Florida.

Mind, Myth, Magic—Curious?

Scott Humston brings his one-man show to Mount Dora, monthly! Mind, Myth, Magic is an evening of intimate illusion, storytelling, and Wonder!

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