Upward Entertainer?

Scott Humston has been an approved Upward® speaker for more than twenty-years. His program is more than just entertainment it is full of laughs, love and communicates Christ to today's families.

"... Scott was by far the best we have had the pleasure of hosting." -Morning Star Church, Ohio

Four Times More Fun Than Any Other Entertainer!  

 Loads Of Laughter  

You’ll be thrilled as you hear your guests laugh and see all the smiles during my clean, but very funny programs.  

Audience Involvement.

From kids, to parents, everyone gets involved. Event the coaches are part of the show! My biggest "prop" is the audience. They are involved in the show—they are “doing” not just “viewing”!  

Unbelievable Magic. Custom Music. Creative Comedy. 

Even after you see it, you won’t believe it! I know, I know, you’ve seen magicians and tricks…but my program is much deeper than just tricks…we blend music, magic, stories, into an incredible time for kids and parents.  

The Gospel. 

 Every performance is presented with one goal…to bring the truth and power of God’s grace to the hearts of kids and parents. I don’t manipulate, I don’t promise to fill the alter, isles, or prayer rooms with kids. I do promise to proclaim the Gospel to the hearts of the young and old. I do promise to encourage and inspire parents to be there for their kids…I promise your families will leave with an encouraging message of Christ’s love.  


After twenty-five years in full-time evangelistic ministry, Scott's ablity to connect is second-to-none.

Kansas City, Kansas

"… Scott is a tremendous communicator of the Gospel. He uses his amazing ability as a magician and his sense of humor to effectively engage all ages with spiritual truth."

Houston, Texas

"Outstanding biblically-based ministry that connected with all age groups with ease."

Orlando, Florida

"... one of the finest entertainers I have seen in a church setting. Thank you for being with us, and filling the house with laughter, joy, and a great message.”

Clarksville, Tennessee

"I sensed a wonderful integrity about Scott that showed not only while he was performing and preaching, but also in our private conversations and prayer times as well. He exudes a genuine love for souls, and a desire to see people won into the kingdom of God."


Christian Family Speaker

The White House

"Your engaging performance delighted everyone and helped create happy memories for thousands...”

Nashville, Tennessee

He is professional, entertaining, a quality perfomer, and he always delivers beyond expectation. I especially appreciate his sensitivity to time context and time parameters."

Winter Haven, Florida

"His humor, Bible message, and testimony held the attention of both our children and adults with captive imagination and full inspiration…. I highly recommend Scott to you as a ministry event for your children and families. His quality of presentation is as good as anything you will see at Disney. You will not be disappointed.”

Salem, Illinois

"Scott is not an entertainer who ministers—he’s a minister who entertains."

Magic, Music & So Much More

Scott's Upward Event is full of amazing illusion, laugh-out-loud comedy & a powerful message.


Scott's schedule fills quickly. Let's get your Upward or Sports event on the calendar, today. We currently schedule up to three-years ahead.


I'd love to speak with you, personally about your Upward® or sports outreach ministry. I'll share my heart and the things I've learned that can help make your program a smashing success! Click below, to get in touch!


Have some time? Here's some more in-depth video of Scott speaking & performing.